Whangarei Accounting

Accounting and taxation services to individuals and businesses.

Working in partnership with your business.

Shand Accounting provides accounting and taxation services to individuals and businesses of all sizes throughout Northland and we deliver these professional services at an affordable price.Working in partnership with your business we can help you benchmark your business against others. We can assist you in setting clear business goals and help you seize opportunities that others may miss.

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Cache Flow Management
Cash Flow Management

At Shand Accounting, we get to know your current situation and your financial goals and then we develop a cash flow management plan tailored to your requirements.

Accounting Statements
Accounting Statements

Save yourself time and stress and let the team at Shand Accounting prepare your accounting statements for you.

IRD and Government Compliance

Our qualified accountants ensure that your finances are fully compliant so you can focus on running your business.

Business Advisors

Shand Accounting will help you set goals for your business, and achieve these goals by devising an implementation strategy.

Why Choose Us


At Shand Accounting we pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have built with clients based on mutual trust and respect.

100% Transparent

We speak to you in terms you understand and are 100% transparent in our dealings with you.

Highly Qualified

Each member of our staff are highly qualified and experienced accounting professionals who are committed to your growth and financial stability.

Highest Quality

Our accountants use their extensive knowledge to provide services of the highest quality. Helping you reach your fullest potential financially is our first priority.